December 20, 2015

Den Betas that are BACK?!

With the new update of Jammer's being able to host their own public parties comes a HUGE downside - den betas are returning! Not all of them though.

The den betas that are NO LONGER VALUABLE are: 
- Fire pot
- Fire pit
- Rose bush
- Pottery Wheel 
- Fountain 
- Bongo drums

So yeaaah don't reade for those! 

Headdresses are increasing in value, founders are starting to drop. 
Top hats also seem to be inclining in rarity, so make sure to stock up! 

that's all for now, happy jamaalidays c: 

December 11, 2015

Glitches & Future Pets?

I am sure most of you have figured out by now that all of the Gingerbread Masks are glitched in one way or another. Their names are messed up on everyone's if I am correct. For example, when you use the search tab in your items, the mask comes up for everything. I think it's kinda creepy!!
As you can see, I searched ice cream.. lol. And not only that but they tend to adopt the names of other items that you have. Creepy, right??

Another glitch is the elf bracelet cuff things. See how it's not attached to the paw of my wolf? They like fall off when you dance xD. 

Moving on, is AJHQ trying to foreshadow future pets?
Take a look at the Basket of Eggs item. When you click the eggs, little animals appear and sometimes a baby phantom.
But what I am seeing seems like future pets! There are snakes, which we already have available, but now there are others appearing!
 - Beaver?

 - Crocodile?

Do you think these could be future pets? Let us know in the comments!!!

~ Puff

December 9, 2015

Valuable VS Diamond Tail Armor + Authors

Hey Jammers!
Glad to see this blog back up & running :)
That being said, I could use some help! If you're interested in becoming an author for this blog, you can jamaagram puffluna65 in game, or email me ! 
It's 100% safe and you don't have to post every day.


There are two kinds of tail armor - The kind you could buy in the diamond shop and the kind you couldn't.

So many times in Jamaa I see people advertising diamond shop tails as "beta" or wanting huge overtrades. But, diamond shop tail armor is not as rare as the regular, older tail armor.

Soooo how do you tell?

The tails that are on the top row are diamond now, and the bottom ones are kept valuable.

They're also indicated by the diamond symbol in the bottom right corner.

*The tail armor in the bottom right is not as rare as the others.

Happy Jammin' 

December 7, 2015

How to Become Rare + Announcements

Tips on Becoming Rare (Members)

Forgotten Desert
The Forgotten Desert is a flying animal only adventure where you collect different crystal shards and get prizes. A lot of prizes are rare/betas and you can even win unreleased items in very rare cases! I have won nerd glasses and a long purple spike from this game along with many other betas.

Rare Item Mondays
Every Monday, a new "rare" item is released. It is a whacked up version of a normal item, and most are not worth too much.. However, they are still considered rare by many jammers and can get you started on your road to becoming rare :3 

If you are very desperate, you can go into Jamaa Township and advertise for mailtime. Unless you are actually recording, this method is a little dishonest. I recommend recording it though, you could post it to YouTube if you desire. If this doesn't work, you can ask people to gift you any unwanted items they have. 

For Nonmembers:

Stock Up Before Deadlines
When you notice an item on sale with X amount of days left, you can buy a couple and they will eventually have a demand. 

Sky High
Nonmember swords, worn blankets, and other cool/beta/rare things can be won in this nonmember game. It's a great way to boost your rarity but it can be challenging!
Tip: I heard that the less gems you get the better your chances are of getting a good prize.

Overall, the best way to become rare for members and nonmembers is just trading your way to the top! You can use the AJ wiki if you need help on value and just try to be on the better side of the deal.


So it's no secret that this blog has been completely abandoned for a long long time x3
I have been very busy with all sorts of stuff and I am also a little old for the game. But! I checked out the pageviews and it's lookin better than I expected so maybe I can revive this thing!

March 20, 2014

The Search For Greely

Hey Jammers! Sorry I've been so inactive lately! It's just really busy and hard to maintain all by myself..

Anywho, the newly released Animal Jam Adventure, "The Search For Greely," is a PHANTOM POD of fun! I'll give you a detailed run-through of the adventure, but BEWARE of spoilers!
Get started on this mysterious adventure today!
Do it alone, or with a buddy! :)
The Search For Greely takes place back at the Volcano! The best part of this adventure is BEING A PHANTOM! :O
My buddy and I really enjoyed it! XD
Why in the world is GREELY'S FACE etched into the volcanic rock!?
 Another awesome feature is the PHANTOM GATE! (Unfortunately the prizes I got weren't very good)
 UH OH! You'll soon discover that Greely is TRAPPED!
 Greely isn't evil after all--he's been captured by the Phantoms! Looks like the other Alphas are in danger of being captured too! :O
 Hmm.. What is this strange PHANTOM GOO?!
 The Phantom King is back at it... But wait! There's TWO! 
 Find the key and RESCUE Greely!
 All this time Greely has been trying to locate the PHANTOM FORTRESS! Where could it be and what lies within?
 Graham, Greely, Liza, and Cosmo gather together for an IMPORTANT discussion as Greely explains a bit about the PHANTOM FORTRESS! Strange that this setting looks just like the setting of the Phantom Vortex from the Night of the Phantoms...Could they be connected?!
That's all for now, Jammers! There's definitely more to come! Hopefully we get to meet PECK and SIR GILBERT in an upcoming adventure! Until then, Happy Jamming!

March 9, 2014


Hello everyone! 

It's me, puffluna65 and I decided I am back and this blog's going to be active again! 

Wanna know about this blog, and how it's doing? 
Pageviews, comments, followers, everything is decreasing at a rapid pace. 

No worries! But we need YOUR help to spread the word. You can post an advertisement on your blog, tell other jammers through animal jam. Whatever it takes. I know we can do it guys. 


Updates About me, Puffluna

In the real word, I have been as busy as ever. My aunt was hit by a car the same night as my grandpa died which also happened to be on Halloween of 2013. After that it was my aunt, which was much more recent. So I apologize for my long hiatus, but I have returned for good this time I freaking promise you.

As of animal jam.. I have 19 days left on my membership.  :c 
I know there's not much you can do, but if you really care, you could donate me deviantART points. I am making money on there with commissions to be able to keep my membership. This is my account >  Aniuk65
I am trying to make enough money but right now I have seven dollars. =3=

As minor news, I logged on today and my open sign is gone.. so... depression. Uh yeah. Besides all that, things are normal? 

Anyways, here comes the updates and regular stuff.

Have you, a nonmember, ever wanted a PET SEAHORSE?

Because now you can have one. o3o Yep! That's right! Seahorses are now available for all jammers. (:

The Pandas are LEAVING!

On March 20th. The pandas will migrate, and it might even be permanent. The Jamma Journal never mentions them coming back.

St. Patrick's Has BEGUN!

Decorations, the lucky party, new store items. That time of year again already jammers!

A new adventure's coming and Brady Barr has some new pets, go check em out.

As for items, there are now Clover Ties, Leprechaun Hats, Shamrock Glasses, Leprechaun Shoes, and a Green Topcoat. I cannot post pictures right now, sorry!

That's right! Please comment what animal you think I should keep as a nonmember. I could either be a fox, a deer, an eagle, anything really.

February 3, 2014

Rare Item Monday: Gardening Hat

Hey Jammers! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've been SUPER busy! D:
Anywho, today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Gardening Hat! 
 A little too feminine for me, sadly. But a cool item for girls! (:


That's my Penguin splashing around at the Atlantis Party! XD
What do you think of my outfit? 
 Let me know in the comments! ^.^

Okay, happy jamming everyone!